Rainer Eder

Rainer Eder

Being at the right place at the right time – and then doing the right thing in the right moment, that’s the name of the game for every photographer. This is not always easy and sometimes even dangerous for Rainer Eder, professional photographer in the field of outdoor activities with focus on rock climbing.

Rainer, a native Austrian living in Switzerland for the past two decades, became a photo professional in 2005. He is an enthusiastic climber a convivial networker – knowing literally everybody within the climbing scene and shoots with the best rock- and ice-climbers of the world. Shot with equal amount of passion are his photos from other extreme sports such a basejumping, freeriding, speedflying or whitewater kajaking. Originally – Rainer was a skilled painter. But even before his time as a professional, he shot regularly on assignment for popular brands from the outdoor industry such as  Mammut, Odlo,Black Diamond or Red Bull, to name a few. For them Rainers ‘eye’ puts less spectacular activities such as hiking, running or golfing in perfect focus. One of his skiing shots was awarded “best Mountain Adventure photo” at the Banff Mountain Photography Competition.

What he like most particularly about his job is being outside, as well the variety, the traveling and the contact with many extraordinary people. “The road to success as a professional photographer was long and difficult”, says Rainer Eder, who in the past did not even think of being able to make a living from photography. Obviously he was at the right place at the right time – and did the right thing often enough.

Rainer Eder relies on NIKON equipment and works closely with the Swiss image library VISUAL IMPACT whose focus in on extreme sport too.

Rainer Eder

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